onsdag, januar 17, 2018

New January Magazine

Traveltrends 2018 – Safest airlines – GSA and international network – Colombia: The new adventure desti – Time for the travel marts – Doublebed in business class

New November Magazine

Travel trends from Asia – African roadshow around Nordic area – India inviting Scandinavia – First polar cruiseship – Hotel-loyalty

New October Magazine

Travel awards at Vestnorden Travel Mart - Mallorca hit by tourism tax -Three Nordic travel marts speeding up

New September magazine

Copenhagen gets new hotel with ONE room – Cruise success for Nordic areal – New travel market in Greenland – New MICE opportunities –...

TTO-Scandinavia August Edition

First class to Scandinavia - Fitness in hotel room - Word business airports - Iceland stopover pass - SEA visa free - Learn to...

June 2017 edition of the TTO Scandinavia magazine

MICE growing in Vestnorden - Michaelin stars now in Faroe Islands - Vestnorden Travel Mart in Greenland this year - Iceland tops as tourism destination - Special Mice destinations in South Africa

May 2017 edition of the TTO Scandinavia magazine

New destination for Vestnorden Travel Mart Nuuk -Trouble with Vestnorden air strategy - How to make a media trip - How to bid for...

April 2017 edition of the TTO Scandinavia magazine

ITB failed, report from the world's biggest travel mart – MUC turns 25 and look at 50 million pax – MICE in West Nordic...

March 2017 edition of the TTO Scandinavia magazine

Get goldcard on one trip – Travel fears from Danish Travel Show – Vestnorden Travel Mart with new events – Norway gives to Thailand
VisitFaroeIslands 2017

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Pilots of an Air France jet which plunged into the Atlantic in 2009, killing all 228 people onboard, lost control of the plane after...

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