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TTO-Scandinavia August Edition

First class to Scandinavia - Fitness in hotel room - Word business airports - Iceland stopover pass - SEA visa free - Learn to...

February 2017 edition of the TTO Scandinavia magazine

SIA takes over Stockholm – Iran on Danish Travel Show – How to build the best booth at trade shows – Iceland tourism exploding...

New February Magazine

Millials what to do? - World Tourism new figures - Spain beats USA - 9 pages report from Matka - New invention for hotels

October 2018 edition of the TTO Scandinavia magazine

10 most wanted destinations - 9/11 true or false - Report from Vestnorden - Faroe to double hotel capacity - Icelandair new routes -...

September/October 2016 edition of the TTO Scandinavia magazine

Zika spreading, first illborn babies in Thailand - Oslo, most expensive city - Vestnorden travel awards to? - Plan to ban dolphin swimming

New November Magazine

Travel trends from Asia – African roadshow around Nordic area – India inviting Scandinavia – First polar cruiseship – Hotel-loyalty

New January Magazine

Traveltrends 2018 – Safest airlines – GSA and international network – Colombia: The new adventure desti – Time for the travel marts – Doublebed in business class

August 2016 edition of the TTO Scandinavia magazine

Filtry food in Copenhagen airport – Vestnorden Travel Award – Earth orbit Hotel finished – MUC carries the tourism torch and many more news...

May 2016 edition of the TTO Scandinavia magazine

No insurance, when terror hits –Turkey pays millions to keep tourists – MICE now a new Chinese word –On the way to VTNM in Iceland

Matka 2018

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President Donald Trump's company is scrapping plans for two new hotel chains announced two years ago, casting blame in part on a hostile political...

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