Friday, July 10, 2020

October edition of the TTO Scandinavia magazine

All news from Vestnorden travel Mart – Many changes for visa – India buys Danish data – Most punctutal airlines – Icelandair joins TSA precheck in- Cambodia success- New Nordic workshops – Matka biggest Nordic trade workshop

October 2018 edition of the TTO Scandinavia magazine

10 most wanted destinations - 9/11 true or false - Report from Vestnorden - Faroe to double hotel capacity - Icelandair new routes -...

August 2018 edition of the TTO Scandinavia magazine

10 most dangerous countries - Best performing airports - Travel mart season coming up - New classes at Icelandair - Goodbye to killer whales...

April 2018 edition of the TTO Scandinavia magazine

More than 200 vip`s from ITB, Midatlantic and Danish Travelshow - Need a second passpoort- Finland to partner China - Summer 18 three airlines...

India a global culinary tourism destination

Mrs. Rashmi Verma, Secretary, Ministry of Tourism Government of India, was the Chief Guest at the 14th Annual Chef Awards held in New Delhi....

New February Magazine

Millials what to do? - World Tourism new figures - Spain beats USA - 9 pages report from Matka - New invention for hotels

New January Magazine

Traveltrends 2018 – Safest airlines – GSA and international network – Colombia: The new adventure desti – Time for the travel marts – Doublebed in business class

New November Magazine

Travel trends from Asia – African roadshow around Nordic area – India inviting Scandinavia – First polar cruiseship – Hotel-loyalty

New October Magazine

Travel awards at Vestnorden Travel Mart - Mallorca hit by tourism tax -Three Nordic travel marts speeding up

Vestnorden Travel Mart 2019

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IATA traffic up

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) announced international and domestic passenger numbers in May 2020. IATA said that passenger demand in May (measured in revenue...

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