Thursday, April 15, 2021

September/October 2016 edition of the TTO Scandinavia magazine

Zika spreading, first illborn babies in Thailand - Oslo, most expensive city - Vestnorden travel awards to? - Plan to ban dolphin swimming

TTO-Scandinavia August Edition

First class to Scandinavia - Fitness in hotel room - Word business airports - Iceland stopover pass - SEA visa free - Learn to...

New January Magazine

Traveltrends 2018 – Safest airlines – GSA and international network – Colombia: The new adventure desti – Time for the travel marts – Doublebed in business class

March 2017 edition of the TTO Scandinavia magazine

Get goldcard on one trip – Travel fears from Danish Travel Show – Vestnorden Travel Mart with new events – Norway gives to Thailand

New February Magazine

Millials what to do? - World Tourism new figures - Spain beats USA - 9 pages report from Matka - New invention for hotels

New November Magazine

Travel trends from Asia – African roadshow around Nordic area – India inviting Scandinavia – First polar cruiseship – Hotel-loyalty

November 2016 edition of the TTO Scandinavia magazine

Travel trends from Asia and Vestnorden Travel Marts – 24 hours guarantee from charters – Travel Awards from Vestnorden & Asia – 10 best...

December 2016 edition of the TTO Scandinavia magazine

Read the new December issue of TTO Scandinavia magazine about Leisure on the go at SAS, Air Baltic invest billions in new planes ,...

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Phuket opens July 1

Thailand authority, the Centre for Economic Situation Administration (CESA) has given the green light to reopen Phuket, allowing international tourists who have been vaccinated against COVID-19...

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The outer islands of The Faroe Islands

You can get to the outer islands by boat or helicopter. The boat sails once or twice a day. The helicopter is an opportunity...