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About us

Vision and mission

Our mission is to provide the outbound-travel and tourism industry in Scandinavia and the Baltic States – and on the destinations, transport, accommodation, incoming – with front edge trends and analysis of what the international development in the industry means for the regional and local actors within the transport sector, tourism, accommodation and industry related services.
The vision is to create a media platform, which through quality specific content provide our readers with new knowledge and give them creative input to business development and optimization.

The weekly newsletter are to be published in English and is aimed primarily at executives and middle managers in the travel and tourism industry.

Content wise, the e-media will be based on regional and international trends and will perform as an “extension” of the e-magazine media. The website is designed as a high-end product with editorial content produced to the upper three parts in organizations and companies in the industry. However, editorial arranged so that even lower standing organizational framework will benefit from clicking by.

Due to the nature of the content, the combined markets are considered to be homogeneous, with the small variations which naturally lies in different industry trends at each national market.

The Baltic countries though, are farther back than Scandinavia, particularly in areas such as optimization of business areas and implementation of new platforms in production and distribution.


The target audience is all staff and managers in the outbound travel and tourism industry in DK, SE, NO, FI, LV, LT and EE. The total population in the area is some 21 million inhabitants, while the target audience within the travel and tourism industry (including service personnel carriers, hotels, tourist companies, etc.) consists of approx. 16.000 employees.

Competition Situation

In the Baltic market there are no competing media. Previously, a B2B trade magazine called “Baltic Stand By” was published. However, this magazine has not been published since early 2010, and the magazine is today without the local staff assigned.
In Scandinavia there are no cross border media. There is one Danish print media aimed at the industry (“Stand By”), while in Sweden there are one trade media in print (“Travel News”). In Norway there is a single professional journal in print (“Travel News Norway”). The magazine has no ownership strings to its Swedish namesake. However, there is some cooperation between the Norwegian and Swedish “Travel News”).
TTO Scandinavia/ Travel Trade Outbound Scandinavia thus becomes the first cross border trade media that in the same distribution run reaches decision makers and b2b buyers in a single region consisting of seven nations.


Travel Trade Outbound Scandinavia is published by :, Copenhagen, Denmark

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