Emirates continues upgrading their fleet

Originally, Emirates planned to upgrade 120 aircrafts with new cabins. Now, this has been expanded to a total of 191 aircrafts. 

Emirates is undertaking a huge project. The upgrade of the cabins on a total of 191 aircraft is in full swing, starting with their Airbus A380s and soon their Boeing 777s. 

Currently, 22 Airbus A380s have been completed and have the new cabin installed. The first Boeing 777 will be upgraded in July. 

In total, 110 Airbus A380s and 81 Boeing 777s will undergo the major cabin upgrade. 

The new cabin includes an upgrade of the First-Class cabin, the introduction of a new Business Class cabin in a 1-2-1 configuration, and the addition of 24 Premium Economy seats. 

For the Boeing 777s, there will be a total of 322 seats. There will be 8 First Class suites, 40 Business Class suites, and 260 Economy seats. The 24 Premium Economy seats will mean that 50 Economy seats will be removed. 

Once all the aircraft have been upgraded, Emirates will have installed 1,894 First Class suites, 11,182 Business Class seats, 8,104 new Premium Economy seats, and 21,814 Economy seats. 

The already upgraded Airbus A380s with the new Premium Economy onboard are currently flying on the routes to the following destinations from Dubai: 

– New York JFK 

– Los Angeles

– San Francisco 

– Houston 

– London Heathrow 

– Sydney 

– Auckland 

– Christchurch 

– Melbourne 

– Singapore 

– Mumbai 

– Bangalore 

– Sao Paulo 

From February 2025, Emirates will be able to offer Premium Economy on 42 routes. This is helped by the fact that Emirates expects to receive their first Airbus A350 in September this year.