New road for Greenland tourism

Visit Greenlands announced at Visit Greenland’s Annual General Meeting

chair Maliina Abelsen, Air Greenland, that 2018 has in many ways been a landmark

year, with decisions that really mark where tourism is heading in


The new runways and airports in Ilulissat and Nuuk as well as the regional runway and

Qaqortoq airport will undoubtedly contribute to more growth in tourism and thus create

basis for social development that comes both to the local community and

throughout Greenland for the benefit, says the chair of Visit Greenland Maliina Abelsen.

There will thus be derived positive effects for the Greenlandic society already

from the day the construction is started in earnest and the decision will with great certainty

attract further tourism investment to the country.

“It is an objective for Visit Greenland that growth in tourism is based on

Adventure tourism, both now and later when the new airports open.

Firstly, the great opportunity to attract the fastest growing form of tourism is exploited

the world, which generates the greatest possible local return and partly attracts Greenland one

tourism form that takes into account our vulnerable arctic nature and respects

the culture of our country.”

Chair of the Board Maliina Abelsen says:

“It is Visit Greenland’s task to work for increased tourism development and utilize it

the potential of the new airports. Therefore, it is absolutely crucial that there

is focus on our systems and that our infrastructure and receiver device

adapted to accommodate more tourists.

In other words, we must act as a country the potential growth through coordination of actions locally, regionally and nationally.

From having tourists in the summer, we as a country must attract tourists all year round

and in addition, they spread beyond the most sought-after destinations. ”

of foreign nights (Denmark not included).

Director Julia Pars says:

“In parallel with Visit Greenland’s core tasks, the cooperation and development are

the regional DMOs (Destination Management Organizations) of great importance to

the future tourism development in Greenland. Therefore, the cooperation is weighted with

regions, both in terms of visibility creation, common market development initiatives,

seasonal expansion, innovation, knowledge sharing and competence development. We therefore see

forward strengthening cooperation and dialogue with the regions from the coming

strategy period and until the airports open ”.

Visit Greenland’s director also mentions that it is absolutely crucial that it will remain in the future

possible to measure the economic impact of tourism in tourism turnover and directly and

indirect employment. This will show, among other things, the contribution of tourism to Greenland

economy grows and can show basically whether the strategy works.