Private cabins and frosted glass in new German trains

The state-owned railway operator Deutsche Bahn is set to introduce new features for passengers, including the ability to reserve seats with ‘digital towels’. German trains will soon see the addition of redesigned cabins, focusing on enhancing privacy, as part of a significant multi-billion-euro overhaul. 

These revamped compartments, equipped with frosted glass, are intended to provide travelers with spaces for private video calls or ‘cuddling’. Referred to as ‘smooch cabins’ by Bild, and they will be implemented on DB’s high-speed Intercity Express (ICE) trains. The company is also planning on installing digital seat reservation and scent buttons. 

Introducing seat ‘towels’ and scent buttons 

Deutsche Bahn (DB) is also gearing up to introduce some interesting additions for passengers, including what they’re calling ‘seat towels’ and scent buttons. DB revealed at the same time that they have plans to incorporate digital screens that allow passengers to mark a seat as occupied if they temporarily step away to use one of the newly introduced private compartments, restaurant cars, or restrooms. 

The idea behind the ‘digital towel’ concept draws from the practice of German tourists reserving pool and beach loungers with towels. 

Furthermore, DB is preparing to install scent buttons near doorways and station lifts, emitting a calming fragrance. While the operator has yet to announce the specific rollout date for these new features, they are part of a larger multi-billion-euro initiative to revamp their service.