Qatar expands in the Nordic


Already connecting Oslo, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Stockholm and Gothenburg to the Middle East and wider world via Doha, Qatar Airways will increase its number of flights from Gothenburg, Oslo and Stockholm from December.

The airline, which in June was named the world’s best airline by the Skytrax Awards 2019, continues to invest in the Nordic countries. From December, the number of departures from Gothenburg will be increased from the current 5 depart per week to 7 depart per week and thus receive daily departures. From Oslo, the number will be increased from the current 10 depart per week to 14 depart per week, which means two departures per day. And from Stockholm, the number of departures will be increased from January 2020 from the current 14 depart per week to 18 depart per week.

“We are extremely happy and proud of our continued expansion,” said Christian Deresjö, Norden Manager at Qatar Airways. “With this increased capacity, both business and leisure travelers will have the opportunity to take part in our extensive global network with over 160 destinations worldwide.”