CPH rethinks route development

Copenhagen has the largest number of routes of any airport in Scandinavia.  It has the widest full-service airline network, regional network, and the greatest number of LCC routes.

“This is due to our very attractive outbound catchment area,” said Morten Mortensen, Copenhagen’s Senior Director of Route Development & Airline Sales. “This not only covers a large part of Denmark, but also the Southern part of Sweden.”

The greater Copenhagen area is also a very attractive destination for worldwide inbound travellers.

“Testament to the attractiveness of Copenhagen, 83% of our passenger routes were quickly reinstated once air traffic resumed in summer 2020.”

To further aid Copenhagen’s rebuilding, Mortensen is taking a different approach to route development than previously.

“The industry is changing every day and borders are opening and closing faster than we’ve ever seen before. We think this is the time to stay connected to airlines, by keeping in as close communication as possible, and helping the airlines where they need and want assistance.”

“It’s crucial to stay connected to get through this challenging time, and to rebuild the aviation and travel industry together. We therefore want airlines to reach out and stay connected, so we can rebuild our business together.”

This approach, Mortensen believes, will ensure Copenhagen is ready for the upturn in demand when it comes.