Cruise lines to visit eight ports

Denmark is looking to break cruise record in 2018 in number of cruise passengers, showing that the cruise lines have their eyes on the Scandinavian gem. For the first time ever, CruiseCopenhagen is organising a fam trip to all the major cruise ports and destinations in Denmark.


Denmark is rapidly growing as an international cruise destination. In fact so much that the eight Danish cruise ports expect more than 1,1 million cruise guests this year, which is an all-time-record. As a cruise destination, Denmark has a lot to offer, and to tap into the increasing interest, CruiseCopenhagen has arranged the first fam trip purely on Danish soil, going to eight different ports in Denmark, starting today.


“To accommodate the increasing interest in the Danish cruise experience, we have organised a fam trip where representatives from the international cruise industry will be visiting the Danish ports, experiencing first-hand what Denmark has to offer,” director of CruiseCopenhagen, Claus Bødker says.


In a report on guest satisfaction from 2017, Copenhagen achieved impressive results as 97,1 percent of the cruise guests were very satisfied or satisfied with their visit to the popular North European destination. Now six cruise line executives from five international cruise lines are attending the fam trip to get a good look not only at Copenhagen but at eight Danish cruise ports and destinations.


“The fam trip gives the Danish ports and destinations the opportunity to showcase the best features of their destinations directly to the industry. And at the same time the fam trip makes it possible for the cruise line executives to experience the well-known port of Copenhagen but also a more hidden gem such as Hundested,” Claus Bødker says.

With many ports and attractions in the program, the trip is taking place over a full week from the 7th to the 15th of June, starting in Copenhagen and finishing in Skagen – and with lots of time for quality visits.