Finnair starts one way tickets

Finnair has announced that, , it is implementing new one-way fares for its domestic and intra-Europe services. The airline is looking to give its passengers more flexibility with competitive pricing amid the tough travel conditions.

Adapting to the climate

The flag carrier of Finland understands that that traveling can be complex with numerous restrictions in place by authorities. Therefore, it wants to give the best fare levels for all customers, regardless of their length of stay at their destination. Nonetheless, customers can still book a return fare if they wish.

Finnair explained to Simple Flying that this move is part of the goal to simplify the passenger experience. If a customer urgently needs to visit family during these tough conditions, they can book their ticket and then return when they are ready to do so. Ultimately, the company doesn’t feel that it should lock a passenger into a return fare during these uncertain times.

Passenger support

Altogether, Finnair is doing its best to help amid the difficult environment. Ole Orvér, Finnair’s chief commercial officer, told Simple Flying that across the board, his firm is using its platform to smooth out the travel process.

“We try to support customers or potential customers in raising our voice, also, towards the authorities around the world to come up with industry solutions, global solutions that make it easier for customers to understand the rules and regulations. Because when countries come up with their own solutions, which are well intended, it doesn’t work. It’s fragmented, becomes a patchwork, and as a customer, it’s really difficult to understand what’s going on and what might happen,” Orvér told Simple Flying.

​”So, we raise our voice towards various authorities in driving these global solutions that work for the industry, ensuring safe travels for customers and easiness for travelers to understand what applies.”

Helpful initiatives

The carrier shares that it is extending the active Finnair Plus tier tracking periods by six months for all of the frequent flier program’s members. Along with this, the airline has frozen the expiration of Finnair Plus award points. So, no points will expire before the end of August.

It can be a stressful time to travel with all the stringent restrictions in place. Authorities continue to implement travel bans at short notice or require passengers to go through testing and quarantines if they wish to hit the skies.

These factors make it hard for passengers to plan their journeys, often leading to last-minute booking changes or cancellations. So, one-way fares will also help Finnair improve efficiency when it comes to booking coordination. However, ultimately, passengers will be delighted that they don’t have to hand over their money for a full return fare if they don’t know if or when they will head back.