Magical Kenya – home of the true African Safari

Situated in East Africa Kenya offers adventurous and cultural experiences, an amazing wildlife and idyllic beaches along the shores of the Indian Ocean.

Safari in Kenya
Kenya is the country where the dream of experiencing the real African safari, without fences or palings, comes true.

As a bonus it’s easy to get there and to get around. The climate is warm and sunny all year, the locals are friendly and polite, and English is, together with Swahili, the official language which makes travelling and communication easy.

World famous safari

kenya elefanterKenya is world famous for its outstanding nature and wildlife. Not only was the country voted World’s Leading Safari Destination in December 2013 – also the game reserve Masai Mara is now awarded Africa’s leading national park by the voters at World Travel Awards. Kenya is the ideal place to experience the true African safari, the big five and the world famous wildebeest immigration.

For decades celebrated explorers and famous travelers have been inspired by the beauty of the region: This is where Prince William proposed to his Kate, and the great adventurer Ernest Hemingway found inspiration to not less than three novels and short stories.

The variety of climatic and geological conditions provides ideal conditions for a rich flora and fauna. No other African country has not only such an enormous diversity of species, but also such large populations of individual species: about 450 mammal species and about 1,000 species of birds, flocks of several thousand wildebeest, antelopes in herds of more than 100 animals, or 50-strong pride of lions are to be found in Kenya.

Kenya is the country where the dream of experiencing the real African safari, without fences or palings, comes true.

kenya safari 2

The big five and the great migration
Back in the days of the great trophy hunters the Big 5 – lion, elephant, rhino, buffalo and leopard – was the main attraction for visitors to Kenya. Today, no hunting is aloud, and a safari is not complete without observing the beauty and grace of giraffes, zebras, crocodiles, hippos, baboons and wildebeests.

Kenya is also home to the great migration – the marvelous spectacle of nature where millions of wildebeest, followed by thousands of zebras and hungry predators, are crossing the border from Tanzania to get to the green savannas of Maasai Mara. The great migration takes place from July to October, and this period is to many the best time for a safari.

400 km of palm fringed beaches

Located at the Indian Ocean Kenya offers about 480 km coast line – a tropical idyll of soft white sand and gentle sea breeze.

After the wonders of a wildlife safari, Kenya’s beaches offer the ultimate relaxation. The truly tropical beach experience includes fine white sand, crystal clear waters, protected coral reefs, water sports and activities, a wide range of hotels of different standard, warm temperatures all year round and great local cuisine including fresh seafood.

The north coast – a peaceful escape
In and north of Mombasa beautiful beaches, such as Nyali, Vipingo, Kikambala and Shanzu beach are found. A great variety of accommodation and activities are offered, and the area is also home to two championship-standard golf courses: Nyali Golf & Country Club and the Vipingo Ridge.

The coast is lined with pristine palm fringed beaches, and the calm inviting waters of the Indian Ocean. The beaches are broken by the wide mouth of Kilifi Creek, whose azure waters are a popular port of call on the international yachting circuit.

Africa’s Leading Beach Destination

Located south of Mombasa Diani Beach is known for its breathtaking beaches, turquoise water and green palms. At this year’s World Travel Awards the area was voted Africa’s best beach destination 2015, and because of its popularity Diani is a lively destination with a great range of hotels of different standards, shopping malls, restaurants, banks, cafés and bars.

Diani Beach offers a wide range of different beach and water activities, such as snorkeling, diving and kite-surfing. It is also home to the Leisure Golf Club (18 holes).

When to visit

Kenya is worth a visit all year around, depending on which activities and sights you would like to experience. The main season for safari holiday is during the great migration, which takes part in the Masai Mara from July to the end of October.

For those to whom the migration isn’t of big importance the dry season between December and March is an excellent alternative. There are still great possibilities for watching the big game (animals), and the roads in the national parks are less busy than during the great migration.

The best time for travelling the coast to enjoy the beach and the clear blue Indian Ocean is during the “kaskazi monsoon” from October to March. April and May are naturally the rainiest period, and the lowest temperatures are measured from July to September (about 27˚ C).