London is the summer destination, according to Google.

Google Flight Search reveals top summer destinations to be London, Paris, and Tokyo. Following closed behind are New York, Rome, and Cancun, however the latter has experienced a drop from its previous position as the second most searched destination. In contrast, Tokyo has seen a significant rise, climbing form eight place to third. The rankings are based on searched conducted in the U.S. for travel from June 1 to Aug 31. Other noteworthy additions are two newcomers, Madrid, and San Juan, whilst at the same time, Chicago and San Francisco lost their sport.

A deep dive into the analysis, Google identified La Romana and Saint John as the most searched places for “all-inclusive resort” from January 14 to March 14. Palm Spring and the Florida Keys emerged as the preferred destination for a “weekend getaway”, while Napa and Key West were the most searched regions for a “romantic getaway”.

Furthermore, January witnessed a surge in searches for “solo travel” on Google, reaching an all-time high. Bali, Japan, Acadia National Park, Turks and Caicos, and Costa Rica were among the most searched destinations for solo travelers. Turks and Caicos emerged as top choices when searching for “couple destinations”. Lastly, Orlando and Las Vegas dominated searches for “things to do with kids”, emphasizing their popularity among family travelers.