SAS and airports on strike tomorrow

SAS pilots in Norway and Sweden will probably be on strike from tomorrow. The same will the airport in Oslo, where there will be no departures from 06.00 AM CET. So most of Scandinavia will be closed except for Denmark.

The start of the strike will take place early morning at Oslo Gardemoen,at which time the security personnel will stop working. At this time the airport has decided to stop all departing flights.

In Norway SAS and Norwegian pilots’ unions reached no solution before the deadline expired yesterday. The parties have now agreed to continue negotiating on overtime. Meanwhile, negotiations continue in Sweden, where the deadline is set for tomorrow. In total, nearly 800 pilots are on strike.

The negotiations in Norway continues then in overtime, but if the parties do not reach a solution, the pilot unions warned of taking out 435 Norwegian pilots on strike on domestic and European flights.

Collective agreement negotiations with both the Norwegian and Swedish pilots’ unions have been going on since April. In Sweden has given notice of strike for 350 pilots in Sweden from tomorrow, Friday, June 10 at 18.00 CET.