SAS getting squeezed in The Faroes Islands

The newspaper Dimmalætting yesterday got confirmed by a mail from SAS, that the airline wants to cancel two weekly flights Tuesday and Wednesday.

The decision had been made.

But after an intervention from the Transport-minister Poul Michelsen, SAS seems to have second thoughts.

Transport-minister Poul Michelsen, SAS has not been in direct dialog with SAS as talks on the winter-permit start on Monday, but he would like to see that the route will continue as a daily route, but will not draw any conclusions before talks have been underway.

He was quoted on Faroese radio saying that SAS has brought a big share of tourists to the Faroe Islands and the passenger-figures of the airport have been very good since start of the SAS operation to the Faroe Islands. Furthermore he noted that the entry of SAS into the Faroese marked, has not taken a toll on the passenger-figures of Atlantic Airways, as they also have had more passengers, since SAS entered the Faroese marked.