Banning plastic


Everyone from major food companies like Starbucks and McDonald’s to the city From water bottles to straws to earbuds, single-use plastic is being targeted for elimination at hotel companies and resorts across the globe.of Seattle and the European Union is on the warpath against single-use plastic these days.

The hotel industry is not only on board, but in many respects is ahead of the game when it comes to initiatives to ban single-use plastics on property.


Hotel News Now first reported on the topic of biodegradable alternatives to single-use plastic straws in January, featuring a project which was started seven years ago at the Cayuga Collection’s eight luxury sustainable hotels in Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

The idea for that article came from HNN’s coverage of the Costa Rica Sustainable Hotel & Tourism Investment Conference, where keynote speaker Philippe Cousteau Jr., grandson of the famous ocean explorer, listed straws as his “pet peeve.”

For some time, hoteliers have also had it out for plastic water bottles, of course; and you can add to that hit list plastic drink stirrers, single-use shampoo bottles and even disposable earbuds in the fitness center.

Change like this doesn’t come easy, which is evident in the fact that many companies have set yearslong timelines for eliminating or reducing plastic waste.

“The reduction of straws is just like everything else. You find solutions to the inevitable skepticism or concerns from management and staff, slowly onboard them to the reasons why it’s worth the hassle, make them champions of the reasoning and solution, and then pull the trigger on implementation. The hammerhead approach to change creates a fairly reactionary mindset, and people immediately dig in their heels and resist, solely because they aren’t ready for change. Change takes a little patience, empathy and time,” Michael Hraba, partner and project manager at Waterford Hotels & Inns, said in an email interview about his company’s commitment to finding alternatives to single-use plastic straws.

It’s been challenging to keep up with all the shots being fired in this particular sustainability battle. Below are hotel companies and resorts that have announced initiatives aimed at reducing waste from single-use plastic.