Greenland towards record

"Greenland will in 2016 get the highest number of tourists ever.

Lykke G. Yakaboylu, Senior Consultant, Visit Greenland, Kasper Trojlsgaard, Arctic Friend, Managing Director, Denmark og Ellen Schmidt, Afdelingsleder. Leisure, Grønlands Rejsebureau.

In 2008 we beat the record, but the figures from 2016 will be even better. In 2016 there were 95,000 passengers flying to Greenland. Of those, 68 percent were tourists, the rest inhabitants of Greenland. In 2015 the corresponding figure was 80,000 passengers, and 64 percent tourists.

Anders Stenbakken, turistchef, Vist Grønland, Martin Breum, TV-Journalist, Grønlandskender og Malik Milfeldt, GM, Albatros Greenland.

It is a figure I’m very, very happy about because it shows that we are on the right path with tourism in Greenland, “says Anders Stenbakken, director of tourism, Visit Greenland.
“I also expect growth in 2017. We have growth in the period outside the high season, we have airlines flying more and have more seats, Greenland was chosen as a top destination by Lonely Planet and we also have a record of 1.4 million. visit to our website,
says Anders Stenbakken.


Greenland is already in the process of planning West Nordic Travel Mart (VNTM) 2017 in Nuuk, Greenland from 19/09/2017 – 21/09/2017.
“With 380 participants VNTM will be slightly larger than in Nuuk in 2013, but less than Vestnorden in Iceland. The reason is that there simply is no more capacity in Nuuk. On Iceland there were four sellers for every buyer. In Nuuk we will be 1.5 sellers for every buyer.
We will open for sales in March. Last time it was sold out in May. So interested people should be fast, “says Anders Stenbakken.