Icelandair restructuring Scandinavian sales strategy

Last year Icelandair changed the presence in OSL, STO and HEL by closing the offices and having sales people covering the area from home offices. Now the same will take place at the office in CPH.

Gudmundur Óskarsson is Senior vice president marketing & sales Icelandair:

“We are restructuring the sales and marketing activity of Icelandair in Scandinavia, with increased digitalization and more centralized administration and strategy planning coming from our main office in Reykjavik. The sales efforts out in the field will now be more effective as the sales staff will work from home offices and be able to reach and contact our partners more often with personal visits to the agents and tour operators.”

This change is a natural fit with today’s business environment. “Decisions are made much quicker in the aviation and tourism markets than ever before. We are getting faster and better able to brief and update our clients with a very short advance. We have partners all over the world we need to address and assist selling the Icelandair product, both through digital channels and with the tried and trusted person to person method. Those mobile units in all our markets are supported by global teams in Iceland, 24/7”.

“This new approach will be phased-in over a period of time as we want to guarantee our local operations and quality in Scandinavia and elsewhere throughout the transition,” says Óskarsson.