The most expensive environmental zones


The environmental zone portal Green-Zones has examined in which European environmental zones the largest fines are issued and listed the top ten. Especially during the holiday season, being snared by this kind of thing can greatly damage the holiday budget.

In places 10 and 9 of the largest environmental zone fines, Belgium lies with the two permanent Low Emission Zones (LEZ) in Antwerp and Brussels. Here, all vehicles that are not registered in Belgium or the Netherlands must be registered in advance before being driven into the environmental zones, and in addition all the LEZ regulations must be complied with. The vehicles must also be registered, even if they comply with the required EURO standards. Otherwise, fines of between  $115-270 can be issued, depending on the type and frequency of the offense.

In the mid-range of the fines there are zones in Austria and the UK, where fines exceeding USD1550) will be levied if the rules are not complied with. The size is according to the vehicle’s EURO standard, type and weight.

In top spot, and thus in the absolute driving position in terms of fine size, is Denmark. As of 2008, selected vehicle categories must at least comply with the EURO 4 standard or EURO 3 with retrofitted particulate filters before the vehicle can be driven into the environmental zones in Copenhagen, Aalborg, etc. The fine for driving in a Danish environmental zone without the right environmental zone label can run up to USD2100 for a truck driver and his shipping company. Furthermore: the vehicle can be seized until the fine is paid.