Airbnb for nudists

NaturistBnB – with nude sunbathing and very open housesNaturists can now book accommodation for naked holidays on a new website called NaturistBnB

NaturistBnB lets you book a nudity-friendly holiday at destinations all round the world

A naked version of Airbnb has launched – where clothing is optional, but sunny destinations are guaranteed.

It’ll make avoiding the dreaded tan lines a little bit easier at least.

The venture is called NaturistBnB and was founded by couple Petri and Minna Karjalainen – who tried to host a nudist Airbnb homestay, but felt it wasn’t possible.

They like to holiday in the nude themselves, so decided to venture into the market by starting their own website.

Petri told CNN: “I think it’s a really cool opportunity to go to these interesting cities and meet some like minded people and stay together with them.

“We started to think it would actually be cool if there was a booking site, just like Airbnb, but dedicated to this lifestyle.

“On our website all of the properties are targeted for naturist lifestyle practising people.”

The website has been running for two months and there are already properties on offer in the South of France, Spain, the Netherlands, Canada, the US, England and Wales.

You can stay in a villa in the Dominican Republic or a log cabin in the Welsh village of Llangunllo – and be as naked as you want.

For instance, guests should always carry a towel around to sit down on when they’re naked – to avoid any stains being left behind.

The website also advises guests to make eye contact – and avoid staring at other naked people.

It says: “A nudist environment should be a safe, nonsexual space.