Best paid CEO`s in travel in Europe

Amadeus’s long-serving CEO Luis Maroto was the highest paid CEO among Europe’s leading travel companies in 2017.

The Madrid-based firm awarded Maroto $5.6 million last year, more than any of his peers among the 21 other businesses Skift surveyed.

Maroto’s total pay packet included a fixed salary of $1 million (€0.9 million), a bonus of $1.3 million (€1.1 million), and stock awards totalling $3.2 million (€2.7 million).

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Despite helping his company achieve a net profit of over a $1 billion, Maroto’s remuneration actually fell slightly compared with 2016.

Second on the 2017 list was Willie Walsh, the boss of British Airways and Iberia parent company IAG, on $5.3 million (£4 million). Third was another airline boss, Lufthansa’s Carsten Spohr with $4.9 million (€4.2 million).

Of the 23 CEOs (including the one executive chairman), there are nine from the airline industry and nine from the hotel sector.

Interestingly, the median average was higher in the hotel sector while the mean average was higher in airlines. Some of the best paid travel CEOs were from the airline world but this was balanced out by the likes of Norwegian and Dart Group, which paid their leading execs less, perhaps because they both own a significant chunk of their respective companies.

Company CEO Total Pay 2017 Total Pay 2016 Profit 2017 Profit 2016
Amadeus Luis Maroto $5.6m $5.8m $1.2bn $964m
IAG Willie Walsh $5.3m $3.3m $2.36bn $2.28bn
Lufthansa Carsten Spohr $4.9m $3.6m $2.80bn $2.10bn
Ryanair Michael O’Leary $3.8m $3.7m $1.53bn $1.82bn
TUI Fritz Joussen $3.8m $3.5m $888m $1.34bn
Whitbread Alison Brittain $3.3m $0.8m $555m $517m
AccorHotels Sébastien Bazin $2.9m $1.9m $561m $349m
InterContinental Hotels Group* Richard Solomons $2.9m $4.9m $593m $417m
InterContinental Hotels Group Keith Barr $2.8m n/a $593m $417m
Thomas Cook Peter Fankhauser $2.5m $1.6m $16m $1.3m
Scandic Hotels† Frank Fiskers $2.1m $1.7m $80.4m $99.8m
Melia Hotels Gabriel Escarrer Jaume $1.5m $1.5m $155.6m $120m
Finnair Pekka Vauramo $1.4m $1.2m $198m $99.3m
Wizz Air József Váradi $1.4m $2.1m $286.9m $225m
Air France-KLM Jean-Marc Janaillac $1.3m $0.6m ($320.8m) $923.8m
NH Hotel Group Ramón Aragonés $1.3m n/a $45.7m $39.8m
Merlin Entertainments Nick Varney $1.2m $2.7m $279m $281.6m
EasyJet Carolyn McCall $1m $1.9m $407.1m $583.3m
Parques Reunidos Fernando Eiroa $0.8m $0.5m $13.3m $4.1m
Dart Group‡ Philip Meeson $0.6m $0.6m $102.4m $118.5m
Scandic Hotels Even Frydenberg 0.5m n/a $80.4m $99.8m
Norwegian Bjørn Kjos $0.3m $0.3m ($219m) $138.7m
Millennium & Copthorne Hotels§ Aloysius Lee 0.07m $0.96m $212.2m $130.8m