CPH: Further development of Terminal 3 gets the green light

There is confidence in the future at Copenhagen Airport (CPH) despite the serious financial crisis currently ravaging the aviation industry. The next steps are now being taken to upgrade the terminals, improving the facilities and providing more space for airlines, customers and passengers. A design and build contract for the project was signed today with Danish construction company Per Aarsleff A/S.

After three years of preparations, which included excavations, rerouting roads and moving installations, CPH is now embarking on the next phase of developing the terminal area that will provide more space for baggage reclaim and passport control.

CPH has signed a DKK 2.1 billion design and build contract with Per Aarsleff A/S for a project scheduled to run for the next seven years.

“Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has left the aviation industry in its worst crisis in living memory, one thing hasn’t changed: It’s still our job to ensure that Denmark has maximum connectivity to the entire world. The tough competition among European airports to attract routes and rebuild networks has been made even tougher by the pandemic. If we’re to retain the position as the leading hub of northern Europe, we must weather the current crisis and continue to develop the airport in order to remain attractive to both airlines and passengers,” says Copenhagen Airport CEO Thomas Woldbye.

Construction phase extended
The grave financial crisis has forced CPH to postpone and extend a number of projects. The major terminal development project is slated for completion in 2028 and will only involve limited construction works in the first couple of years.

“Preparations for the project have been underway for three years already, and the first stage was initially scheduled for completion in 2023/24. However, due to the COVID-19 crisis, we’ve revised and aligned our plans and budgets to the new reality, so the project won’t be finished until 2028,” says Lone Edelbo, Head of Development & Construction at CPH.

The new terminal area will be at the heart of the airport, right after the security checkpoint and between Piers B and C. It will cover about 65,000 m2 of new space plus 15,000 m2 of existing floorage that will be converted and modified.

The new floorage will provide extra light and space to baggage reclaim, passport control and the terminal concourse, but the new space will also be used for offices, logistics and staff facilities that will contribute to ensuring that Denmark’s largest airport will continue operating efficiently.