Finnair to end all legacy EDIFACT distribution by end of 2025 to drive more customer choice

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We can’t be afraid of change – we need to embrace it!

NDC is moving fast

Finnair is to end support for all legacy EDIFACT content across the travel sector by end of 2025 to drive a major change within the industry and boost further customer choice through NDC (New Distribution Capability).

NDC is the new travel standard being adopted by the travel industry which enables airlines to offer more personalised products than traditional distribution channels through enhanced available content.

In a move to ramp up the pressure for change, Finnair is introducing the latest stage of its strategic goal towards modernised distribution starting July 2022 in European market. The refined Finnair NDC distribution strategy will introduce the following changes:

  • Best trade content through NDC direct connects, supported by additional incentive packages
  • In addition to direct connects, NDC content will only be distributed through Finnair Certified NDC aggregators (Aaron Group, Travelfusion, Travelsky and Verteil)
  • Removal ofFinnair Light fare brand from EDIFACT
  • EDIFACT surcharge for cost recovery (12€ per fare component)
  • Additional price points in NDC
  • NDC-exclusive bundles

The Finnish flag carrier says the financial crisis caused by the impact of COVID-19 travel restrictions across the aviation sector has spurred on their determination to incentivise the sector to deliver real choice for the airline’s customers.

Finnair is determined to drive further customer choice within the market through NDC’s enhanced capabilities.

“We can’t be afraid of change – we need to embrace it – and through NDC-exclusive content and surcharges ensure we phase out EDIFACT by end of 2025. Now is the time to ensure we bring about meaningful change to a sector which has been slow to respond to changes in technology, we challenge all industry players to join in the transformation.”

The move by the Finnish flag carrier will introduce more transparency into the purchasing process for customers booking through the travel trade and drive up ancillaries to generate new streams of airline revenue.

Rogier Van Enk, Finnair Senior Vice President Customer Engagement, said: “Finnair is committed to investing in modern customer experience across sales channels. We are leading the way to ensure widespread adoption of NDC throughout the travel industry to drive essential change and ensure greater choice for customers also when shopping through partner agencies. “

“At the same time it will add to the ongoing transformation of the travel sector’s distribution system and streamline its economic model. Generating enhanced experience upon customer choice is not the only benefit. NDC will enable the transformation of largely outdated current commercial models pervasive throughout the travel sector.”

”van Enk continues: “As travel restrictions ease, Finnair is working actively to introduce new, better products to customers which can be distributed with modern technology as the airline ramps up its operations.”