Free tickets to Faroe Islands

Fully vaccinated can apply for a share of 1,000 free one-way tickets to the Faroe Islands with the cruise line Smyril Line or  airline Atlantic Airways. From April, fully vaccinated will not be quarantined.

It is the Faroe Islands Tourist Board, Visit Faroe Islands, that comes up with the unusual initiative to attract fully vaccinated. These are one-way tickets with either the Faroese shipping company Smyril Line, which sails from Hirtshals, or the archipelago’s airline, Atlantic Airways, which flies from Copenhagen Airport and Billund Airport. The offer applies to travel to the Faroe Islands from 1 April until 13 June. The recipients of tickets must pay for home transport and clear accommodation themselves.


From 1 April, fully vaccinated can travel to the Faroe Islands without having to be under compulsory quarantine for six days. On this occasion, Visit Faroe Islands gives 1,000 free one-way tickets to Danes who have passed the last vaccine, for example health professionals and the elderly.


First come, first served principle

“While Denmark has been hit quite hard by closures, the Faroe Islands have largely been spared both corona and restrictions for a long period. For example, you can go to a cafe and restaurant, ”writes Visit Faroe IslandsTourism board.



“The fact that the Faroe Islands are now opening up more should be celebrated. All probably need an experience after this special time, and everyone is of course welcome. But health professionals and the elderly,  who have been vaccinated and have also taken a big hit in the past year, are among those who get the opportunity first, ”says Guðrið Højgaard, director at Visit Faroe Islands.

She emphasizes that all can travel to the Faroe Islands, but that unvaccinated people, according to the Faroese authorities’ guidelines, must be quarantined for six days after arrival and take a corona test on the 6th day.You can apply for the 1,000 free one-way plane or ferry tickets to the Faroe Islands in the period to 13 June on visitfaroeisland’s website. You must document here that you have been vaccinated. Then the lucky ones get a confirmation that you are among the 1,000 who get a free one-way ticket. The return trip can be booked with Atlantic Airways or Smyril Line.If you fly to the Faroe Islands, you will be coronated at the airport in the Faroe Islands. After the test, the passenger goes directly to his planned place of residence, where he waits for a response to the corona test, which typically arrives the same day. If you sail with Smyril Line, the test takes place in Hirtshals before boarding and there are answers during the voyage.In 2019, the Faroe Islands had around 120,000 tourists, about half of whom were cruise passengers. There were almost 200,000 guest nights from the tourists, of which Danes accounted for about 55,000.