Sunweb Group and Transavia unveil Sunweb plane

For the 2022 summer season, a Transavia aircraft has been converted into a Sunweb aircraft. Yesterday the new design and the new name of the plane were revealed in the Transavia hangar.

In addition, Transavia and Sunweb Group have released a sustainability budget. Transavia already started this year to add 1% SAF to all outgoing flights. Sunweb Group and Transavia decided together that the sustainability budget will be used for blending SAF on the planes which Sunweb hires from Transavia. This intensifies the cooperation between both companies.

This summer, the aircraft will be fully used for Sunweb flights and will be given the name ‘Henk Vos’.

Henk Vos is the founder of the idea to have a Transavia aircraft fly for Sunweb passengers in their own house style colours. Henk has just retired, but worked for Transavia for over 40 years. This naming ceremony is a crowning glory to his wonderful career and the Transavia partnership with Sunweb.