“There is more good will and definite interest in Iran”

Iran is preparing for a storm of tourists following the nuclear agreement and the lifting of economic sanctions.

Iran women
Iran is placed among top three handicrafts producers in the world and Iran plans to set up and resume several handicraft markets to welcome foreign tourists.

“Have demands for Iran tours soared since the nuclear deal was reached?”

“Soar is a pretty strong word. I’d say there is more good will and definite interest, especially among educated middle class. I am waiting for next stage of development when the interest will expand to all categories of travelers,” says Anna Mnatsakanova, Världens Resor, Stockholm to TTO Scandinavia.

“In anticipation of the agreement Iran lived thru a kind of tourist boom last fall. There are signs that there is a strong desire among incoming operators to increase the traffic from Europe. Meanwhile easing visa regulations and expanding the infrastructure and spreading tourist information are governmental tasks which still have to be addressed. I am not sure it will work fast. For the moment being there is a lot of talk. Time will show,” she added.

Iran is placed among top three handicrafts producers in the world and Iran plans to set up and resume several handicraft markets to welcome foreign tourists. “Several traditional handicraft markets were semi-closed over the few past years following the drop in the number of foreign tourists,” says Bahman Namvar-Motlaq, CHTHO.

“How do you think the future will be for tourism to Iran now?”

“I am not sure I am in a position to predict the future, anyway not in case of Iran. But I think that given the time and chance they will develop reasonable infrastructure for active tourism (trekking, camping etc). “

“What is it in particular, tourists from Sweden and Scandinavia will travel to see in Iran?”

“For the moment it’s the highlights, classic Persian cities of Esfahan and Shiraz and the like that attract most. Our tour has wider range. We start in the north and the landscapes you see on this tour are all from green Caspian highlands, central highlands to the deserts Lut and Kavir!”

“What type of customers?”

“History fans undoubtedly, but a lot of travelers are interested in modern Iran, everyday life, social structure of society.”

“Is there enough flight connections to Iran?”

“It’s not bad considering direct flights Stockholm or Gothenburg-Teheran by Iran Air. You can fly Turkish Airlines via Istanbul Ataturk or Pegasus for a budget alternative. Just to mention couple of connections…”

“Is Iran a dangerous country?”

“There are no dangers of personal character, you are not likely to be assaulted or attacked. Rather the opposite, Iranians are one of the most generous and hospitable people in the world. It’s not likely that you will see any military or terrorist action along the established tourist lines. Swedish Foreign Office encourages a dose of carefulness in all circumstances. Demonstrations and political unrest have been reported in Teheran some years ago, but not recently.”

“Is it expensive?”

“It is bound to become more expensive, but for the moment you are likely to spend half of your daily European budget for food, drink and taxi. Hotel rates are going to sky rocket and have already gone up ca 20%. Visiting historic sites is inexpensive,” says Anna Mnatsakanova.