Trump: “I am an expert on tourism”

The Scottish Tourism industry was in trouble according to Donald Trump. “I am an expert on tourism”, said current US President Donald Trump in 2011 when Trump warned the Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond: “Wind turbines, made in China, are going to be the destruction – almost a total destruction – of your travel and tourism industry.”, writes eTN

Trump didn’t believe in renewable energy and was referring to wind farms as ugly “monsters” that will “ruin” the Scottish coasts. Trump added that the Scottish minister’s support for wind power will cause his personal legacy as a minister to be as ‘the man who destroyed Scotland.’ Trump went on to say. “If you dot your landscape with these horrible, horrible structures, you will do tremendous damage.”

The reason for all of this was Trump’s concern for his Scotland golf course. “I object in the strongest possible terms to the current location of wind turbines as proposed … which are only 2 km from my championship golf course and directly opposite Royal Aberdeen Golf Club,” Trump wrote on Sept. 14, 2011.

“Many are already considering my Golf Course in Scotland to be the greatest golf course anywhere in the world,” Trump continued.

The Scottish Government wants renewable energy sources to meet the existing demand for electricity by 2020. There had been a 9% increase in tourist visits to Scotland that year, and research by VisitScotland in which 80% of people in the UK said the presence of a wind farm would not affect their decision about where to stay when on a holiday or short break in Britain.

But Mr. Trump countered” I had won many, many awards over the last short period of time, let alone a long period of time. My clubs are rated amongst the best in the world.”