Zika-virus now also in Thailand and Malaysia

The Zika-virus has now been detected also in Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued an alert for Singapore, where the Zika virus is being locally transmitted.

The CDC is urging travelers to Singapore to protect themselves from mosquito bites and use condoms or other barriers, or not have sex, as sexual transmission of the virus is possible.

Pregnant women are urged not to travel to Singapore, or any other locations where the virus is being transmitted, because Zika is linked with serious birth defects.

Singapore joins a growing list of locations where the virus is being locally transmitted, including the United States in two areas of Miami-Dade County and many parts of the Caribbean and South America.

Chiang Mai province in Thailand has reported the discovery of 2 new cases of Zika virus infection in San Sai district, bringing the province’s total number of infections to 9 people,

The UK, Australia and Taiwan have posted travel advisories for Singapore after the city state confirmed an increase in the number of Zika cases to 56. And Malaysia has begun screening people at the border.