“Children choose Ving because of Lollo & Bernie”

Vings mascots will now be launched in 12 countries in Europe and China.

“I am sure that children choose to travel with Ving because of the mascots Lollo & Bernie.

Lollo and Bernies Dance have had ten million views on You Tube. Naturally, children want to meet the mascots for real, again, or for the first time. We have even received letters of Lucia with Lollo and Bernie on preschools in Sweden, “says Magdalena Öhrn, Head of Communications, Ving, Stockholm. To TTO Scandinavia.

Ving mascots, the giraffe Lollo and the bear Bernie, is now becoming international. So far it has been able to meet the mascots on eleven of Vings family hotel Sunwing Resorts as well as a handful Family Garden hotel. But in the summer, they will spread to 112 hotels in the Thomas Cook Group.

As part of the internationalization of the Lollo & Bernie, Ving have recently launched an international web shop for the European market, where it is possible to buy CDs of music from the kids club, t-shirts, caps, backpacks, key rings, patches, water bottles and beach balls.

Ving’s Nordic organization had set up a special Lollo & Bernie School in Cyprus, where they teach their dance and how to interact with all the young fans that they will face out on the hotels.

The 12 countries in Europe are UK, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Holland, Belgium, France, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and China.

“In Shanghai and Beijing a test team presented the mascots for the kids, and they fell for the joy, energy and love they exude. The kids thought it was extra fun, that the pronunciation of Bernie in Chinese means pineapples, “says Magdalena Öhrn.

“Shall Lollo & Bernie also later to your departments in the Caribbean, the US and Asia?”

“Lollo and Bernie are already in the Caribbean – in Jamaica and in Mexico, and Thailand. Most likely there will probably be more, “says Magdalena Öhrn.”

“Why do you think Lollo & Bernie are so popular. What is it they appeal to in children and possibly adults?

” “They are cozy, cute and they seem sweet. We adults know that if the children do well on a holiday, the adults will also feel good.”

“Now Ving creates a special web page for the sale of Lollo & Bernie products. How much do you expect to sell? What do you sell now?

“We will not communicate that in the current situation. But we believe much on this”

“Is the Lollo & Bernie school you create in Cyprus for your tour guides?

“Yes exactly. To learn some history, how to dance Lollo and Bernie dance and more. Just as guides and show artists get an education, it is also required of those who work with Lollo & Bernie .” says Magdalena Öhrn.



See Lollo & Bernies dance here: