Hotels chains accussed of sex traficking

Six major hotel chains have been accused in a lawsuit of condoning sex trafficking ‘openly on hotel properties.’
A woman who says she was a sex trafficking victim filed the federal suit against Hilton Worldwide Holdings, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, Marriott International, Choice Hotels Corp, Extended Stay America, and Red Lion Hotels.
Trafficking took place at multiple hotels in Oregon and Washington, plaintiff says.
The woman, named ‘A.B.’ in the suit ‘was subject to repeated instances of rape, physical abuse, verbal abuse, exploitation, psychological torment, and false imprisonment’ at hotels from September 2012 to March 2013 the suit claims.
It says the hotels turned a blind eye to obvious signs she was being ‘trafficked for commercial sex’ and the hotels were enablers as they ‘did nothing but profit.’
The lawsuit is seeking $10 million from the companies.
The suit specifically calls out the Days Inn and Choice Hotel near Vancouver Mall, Extended Stay America, Vancouver, the Red Lion in Salem, the Residence Inn at Portland Airport and the DoubleTree in Portland..
None of the hotel companies has so far denied the claims although two have responded with statements.
“Hilton condemns all forms of human trafficking, including for sexual exploitation. We are fully committed to protecting individuals from all forms of abuse and exploitation,” Hilton said.
Wyndham Hotels said: we have worked to enhance our policies condemning human trafficking while also providing training to help our team members, as well as the hotels we manage, identify and report trafficking activities.”