SAS – Next Stage of Alliance Transition

SAS has announced exciting developments regarding its future commercial partnerships. The airline will remain a part of the Star Alliance until August 31, 2024, with travelers set to enjoy benefits with most SkyTeam airlines starting September 1, 2024. 

Effective September 1, 2024, SAS EuroBonus members will receive loyalty benefits like those currently offered by Star Alliance airlines, now extended to most SkyTeam member airlines. 

SAS is actively negotiating with SkyTeam and numerous member airlines to establish and expand commercial ties. This initiative will grant customers access to 19 new airlines and over 1,060 destinations worldwide. Travelers can still visit their favorite cities and regions while gaining access to new destinations previously not served.

“We are excited to progress with our alliance transition journey, introducing new destinations and loyalty program perks globally. Our focus remains on guiding our customers and EuroBonus members through each phase of this transition. We anticipate providing further details as our journey unfolds, aiming for a seamless transition to an exciting travel future with SAS,” said Paul Verhagen, SAS Chief Commercial Officer.

Over the past six months, we have worked closely with Star Alliance, SkyTeam, and their members to ensure a smooth transition for all customers and EuroBonus members. All Star Alliance customer benefits, including EuroBonus points accrual and redemption, lounge access, and other perks throughout the customer journey, will remain available until August 31, 2024. EuroBonus will remain SAS’ loyalty program even after SAS’s departure from Star Alliance.