Norwegian has completed the reconstruction processes

Norwegian marks that the company has completed the reconstruction processes that were initiated in November 2020, and the company can now look ahead. Following this, Norwegian has a significantly strengthened economy, an adapted fleet, and a simplified and effective organization.

Today, Norwegian airline with a long history and a large employee base that adds great value to Norway and the tourism industry has been saved. Jacob Schram, CEO of Norwegian.

The pandemic has triggered an unparalleled crisis for Norwegian and the aviation industry in general. After half a year of demanding reconstruction processes in both Ireland and Norway, Norwegian can now state that the processes have been completed and that the result is successful. It is a competitive and financially robust Norwegian that faces the future.

“I would like to acknowledge and thank everyone who has had faith in us throughout this period. We have been completely dependent on the support of current and former employees, business partners and shareholders, creditors and not least customers. Norwegian is a major player in European aviation, and we will continue to do so by congratulating good service, strong prices, and attractive destinations,” says Jacob Schram.

The pandemic will continue to affect the aviation industry for some time to come, and in the period to come, a high degree of flexibility and continued adaptations will continue to be important. The authorities’ plans for a gradual reopening of society are positive signs, and Norwegian will open more departures and more destinations in the Nordic region and the rest of Europe this summer.