SAS double price

Ever since the launch of the SAS EuroBonus Mastercard Premium, EuroBonus Diamond members have been able to enjoy half the annual fee. On 15 August, the benefit disappears, which in practice leads to a doubling of the annual fee.

The airlines are in savings mode during the day, which is also marked by cuts in loyalty programs. Since the launch of SAS EuroBonus Mastercard Premium, Diamond members have had a 50% discount on the annual fee. A letter sent to cardholders this week states that this benefit will disappear on August 15. All cardholders must then pay the same annual fee.

Under normal circumstances, you can probably argue that SAS EuroBonus Mastercard Premium is worth the high annual fee anyway. If you are able to obtain and take advantage of all the benefits the card offers, this obviously has a much higher value than DKK 750 a year. Even under normal circumstances, however, bonus travel in SAS Plus or business class is a very scarce resource, and with the route offer as it is today, this benefit in practice has very little value. No one knows when the route will be back to normal and it is also likely that the new normal will look quite different from what we are used to.